Ecological Research

Have finished (for now!) researching in an Indonesian Borneo peatswamp. Here, I contributed to behavioural, biodiversity and disturbance based projects , whilst being responsible for the charities outreach, support & network building, producing & editing published documents, fund-raising and administration as the Communications Manager… I enjoyed developing research skills in…

  • Systematically searching for primates inside known home ranges, throughout the site with fellow researches across the area.
  • Following wild primates for 13 hour days (hopefully!), documenting GPS position, noting features for individual identification, behaviour and feeding habits.
  • Conducting transects surveying butterfly diversity & frequency, varying plant species’ growth in differing conditions, tree species seasonality, varying flora composition throughout the transitions within the forest.

Previous to this, my research includes…

  • Science communication & education to all ages and networking/media resources, event organisation & management.
  • Terrestrial and marine habitat survey techniques and documenting/presenting survey data to scientific, non-scientific, UK and internationally based communities.
  • The potential of various conservation initiatives/techniques and policies within ecology – research based on the ground at various research sites and through hypothetical idealised frameworks.
  • Tropical, temperate & Arctic/Antarctic marine communities/ecosystems including tropical coral reef and fish species identification.
  • The influence of art, nature photography, illustration and effective imagery/graphic design within 1)studying ecology and 2) science communication.

Previous research projects…

  • The physical and chemical record of climate change in shell structures of marine organisms & marine animal husbandry with live individuals in a marine wet-lab.
  • Computer modelling & species survival simulations based on theories of trophic interactions & coexistence. I investigated the difference that density dependance and stochasticity makes to a model like this.
  • Real time movement and distribution of a wild wood mouse community. From individual electronic identification, the movement of members within the mouse population was analysed, and behaviour & dominance inferred.
  • Bird and bat surveying techniques, analysis of bird behaviour and intelligence.
  • Cricket mating behaviour & rituals, and the effect of age and experience on the outcome of successful matings.

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