Big forest to big cities – update on new landscape

So lots has changed in the past two months. I wrote the last blog on fires waiting in the airport – predictably in the world of twenty-first century conservation , a horrendous amount of hours in the air was due to zoooom me to a new leave of life…

For the past 5 months previously, I was working hard at all hours in preparation to leave a Communication Manager role that could nicely passed to a successor. Wrapping up a job into a nice little package for someone to pick up and understand and start along the right stepping-stones is more difficult than one might think… especially when the hand over happens over the internet! …

One of my last big pushes – making the annual report for an NGO very pretty – woop!

I then left my role with OuTrop (tried not to cry about this. For my official goodbye and a quote at my lasting impression, see page 6 here – in my last OuTrop newsletter!)

I then plonked down in London around 1.5days later and got hastily whisked into life in the home and city lane. Seeing family, friends, running around trying to remember/figure out/stay calm during transport systems have all featured regularly. Also – I’m pleased to say – has my consumption of very english foods and delicious types of alcohol. 

Professionally, I am again working for a charity who raises money for conservation of forest within Indonesian Borneo . They do conduct scientific research (my passion within conservation and ecology), but this takes a back seat compared to community outreach and capacity building the local area. The education they provide and long term relationship the have with the Indonesian forestry government and national park authorities is invaluable. In short – I am very excited and pleased to be able to start contributing to another cause I (and maybe you?) value so highly. 

Local Borneo or London Borough?
Whats changed?

  1. 9-5 (ish); leaving a home to get to a office – suddenly no pyjamas at my desk.
  2. Weather; a heatwave in UK soon to give way to storms and at some point a loooong winter with the sun setting way before 6pm as was my standard.
  3. People; I live and work with far less people, but may see far more people (in WAY more places) over the course of a month, which leads to the all important…
  4. TRAVEL (and weekends) – I can travel without overheating in 100% humidity, without getting on a plane and I have the time to do it…

Whats the same?

English thames path flora

English thames path flora

  1. Working to protect trees and land and awesome animal species that live there. 
  2. I am officially a freelance Communications Ecologist, designer & editor (I got paid so I have the proof  😛 ) 
  3. Watching social animal behaviour is one of my favourite things to (just now it’s a lot more of pigeons)…
  4. Many many aims and plans with only 24hrs a day 😉 

More soon.
Enjoy your pie this week!


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