Eco Art #1 : Borneo Illustrations.

The silence from Ecological Pie has been prolonged due to manic efforts at my desk to get lots of long-term projects finished before I…

  1. Move back to the UK from Borneo
  2. Move to London
  3. Start a new job
  4. See everyone I haven’t seen for 11.5 months
  5. Go walking ALL OVER the UK and take LOTS of eco photos …!

One of these long-term efforts is to produce some illustrations that I’ve offered to OuTrop to use online, hopefully complimenting their amazing photo collection. Thought I could let you have a sneaky peak at just a few… There is more eco art work to come so watch this blog – Hope you like them 🙂

©Thea Powell Kelasi (Red Langur)

©Thea Powell
Kelasi | Presbytis rubicunda
Pen on paper (Red Langur)

©Thea Powell
Leopard cat | Prionailurus bengalensis
Digitally layered pen on paper

©Thea Powell Pangolin | Manis javanica

©Thea Powell
Pangolin | Manis javanica
Pen on paper

The originals are for sale – do contact and ask for email address for further information.
Please respect my copyright and contact me (ask for my email) for Ts&Cs of use/reproduction.
Please do contact me if you have any questions – or share links below to your own art work 🙂 …
Have fun drawing and eating pie!


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