The basic ingredients

The parts and process that will gradually contribute to this ecological recipe may be slightly different to some blogs you are used to, so here is a quick description of what I intend to cook up.


As a postgraduate ecologist from London, having experienced various ecological  opportunities, I am just starting a job as Communications Manager for an Ecological NGO. So it seems appropriate that I start my own collection of sweet and sour posts. If you would like to read about the Conservation NGO that I work for, please go to My and the team’s 9 to 5 will be regularly updated on the website and blog (www.outrop/, both of which I now manage.

Discussing my day-to-day life is not the idea, nor insights into NGOs, nor the hot steam about living in Borneo. The scribbling’s and magazine-cut-outs pasted into these pages are reserved for topics and tastes in the mixing of ecology that I find interesting or have experienced. NGOs, careers in ecology and Indonesian life may predictably provide a side dish. Similar ingredients are shown in pictures at I hope you enjoy the slices of pie produced!

Finally, add a pinch of salt.


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