Hi!, nice to see you, Selamat siang… would you like some pie?
I’m Thea Powell (@Thea_124).

Born and grew up roaming the South Downs based around Brighton.
Postgraduate ecologist, four busy years in central London and at the fantastic Silwood Park.
I have experienced numerous various ecological opportunities.
These posts collect pieces of the whole that makes up one persons experience in ecology.

The parts and process that will gradually contribute to this ecological recipe may be slightly different to some blogs you are used to, so here is a quick description of what I intend to cook up.

Discussing my day-to-day life is not the idea, nor insights into NGOs, nor the hot steam about having lived in Borneo, nor the big smoke of London. The scribbling’s and cut-outs pasted into these pages are reserved for topics and tastes in the mixing of ecology that I find interesting or have experienced. NGOs, careers in ecology and Indonesian life may predictably provide a side dish. Similar ingredients are shown in pictures at www.flickr.com/photos/ecology-pie/. I hope you enjoy the slices of pie produced!

Finally, add a pinch of salt.

Hopefully this page will become a catalogue of snapshot insights into global ecology.


Thea Powell

Freelance in Science communications, Outreach and Fundraising
Ambitious Ecologist. Passionate researcher of flora and fauna.
Proud previous Communications Manager for www.outrop.com.
Eater of pie


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